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Rifle Girl (1958)

  • LanguageHindi

After sending the King into prison, Sher Singh the brother of King thought of Ruling himself. As the Prince was too small, but can be of some trouble later on for Sher Singh, he bribed a famous dacoit Jung Bahadur to murder the Prince. 

Man proposes and God disposes. While Jung Bahadur was on the way to kill the child he was attacked by a Lion, and in the meantime Soona daughter of a Sardar of that hilly area manages to lift the Raj Kumar. Sardar tell her to leave the child somewhere. Soona wanders door to door to leave the child. At last she was successful in sending the child into Raj Mahal through Gardener's wife in a basket. 

Here Jung Bahadur after escaping from the Lion's attack reaches Sher Singh, and he appoints him his top man. 

Soona was in the Raj Mahal to leave the child. She listens the talk of these two devils becomes "RIFLE GIRL" and takes the child back. 

"RIFLE GIRL" is a story of a brave hilly girl, who fought with the enemies in order to get the right to the proper man. She was not only successful in tracing the actual King, also manages to get his throne back. 

What Sher Singh tried his tricks to remove "RIFLE GIRL" from his way and what she replied him. 

In order to know all these facts you will have to come and see "RIFLE GIRL" on the screen at least once.

(From the official press booklet)