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Rock Dancer (1995)

  • LanguageHindi

This is a very popular Group of Dancers. The leading dancers are Jaya, J.J. and Rakesh. Jaya is very Rich girl. She and her group wants to make a charitable Hospital for the poor people. 

Jaya's husband Raj is an alcoholic, who only wants money. Rock Dancers' first show takes place where Jaya is shot and she losses her one leg and now she cannot dance any more. J.J. who is also a founder of this group wants to fulfill Jaya's dream of making the hospital and for this he trains Jaya's younger sister Ritu and makes her a Rock Dancer. One day Jaya is murdered and Raj, her husband is missing.

Jaya's wealth goes to Ritu. Now Ritu's life is in danger. Ritu goes to other places to perform Shows along with J.J. and Rakesh and meets Rocky who saves Ritu's life. Rakesh loves Ritu but Ritu loves Rocky.

One day Ritu meets Raj who wants to tell her about Jaya's killer and he is killed, while dying he tells Ritu that her life is in danger. - 

"Who wants to kill Ritu?" 

This is the story of a Rock Dancer with love and romance. It is full of thrill, suspense Murder, Mystery, Action packed to the edge of your seat. But above all it is a story full of melodious Rhythmic songs and dances, full of musical entertainment.

(From the official press booklet)


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