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Sahib Bahadur (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

A sleepy little town near the border in the Himalayas, where life moved along in slow pace, suddenly came alive one day with the arrival of a youthful, exuberant drama company. 

Soon a rumour was whispered around that the smart good-looking hero of the drama company Prem Pratap, was in actual fact a CBI man, who had come on some special secret assignment. 

Members of the public, (both good and bad), and the official's, (good and bad), and a bunch of smugglers and dacoits, (all bad), all became alert. So did the women, as the supposed big secret service official was dashing, handsome, and a bachelor. The hero, Prem Pratap, was surprised at all this, but the Proprietor of the drama company persuaded him to play up the role of the so-called CBI officer so that the company could benefit. 

Daughters of a local official fell headlong for him, but he fell headlong for a girl he accidentally met here and there but could not find out either her name or her identity or her place. The public was fascinated by him, the officials wanted to be rid of him and the decoits threatened to kill him, and his own co-workers in the drama company were scared and wanted to leave the town. But he would not leave till he got to know the elusive girl and declared his love to her. 

The officials were too keen to entertain him and be on his right side, so one evening, in a party, when Prem, finding Meena there, proposed marrying her. Everybody was too thrilled, because she was none other than the niece of a big official. 

The wedding was fixed, but the dacoits in order to fulfil their own plans, kidnapped the girl (Meena) on the eve of the wedding.

Prem threatens action against officials unless the girl is recovered in 24 hours. 

Before 24 hours elapse, proof is obtained that Prem Pratap is an imposter, and is thrown into, prison. 

By a clever strategist he is rescued from custody by his troupe-they all go in search of the girl, and they, find out the hiding place of the dacoits. The police is also after the dacoits and Prem Pratap. 

Under hilarious circumstances the girl is rescued, and dacoits and Prem Pratap arrested. 

The real official arrives, and is given a fitting welcome. When he recognises Prem Pratap to be his own boss, the game of the officials is up. Dacoits and officials pay for their mistakes. Prem and Meena are united.

(From the official press booklet)


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