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Sanam (1997)

  • LanguageHindi

Some international vested interests want to disintegrate India and employ two agents General (Gulshan) and Shera (Rami Reddy) of India's neighbouring but enemy country. They begin with Dhanakpur. They instigate unemployed youth to rehe  and provide them with foreign weapons. Their leader Angara (Shakti Kapoor) has ordered not to have any relations social or political with India.

To combat militancy in Dhanakpur Military has been posted one military "Jawan" Gaurav (Vivek Mushran) wants to display valour and become an alternative to his late brother Narendra (Sanjay Dutt) and thus win his father's affection.

Sanam an innocent girl from Dhanakpur fall in Gaurav's love who does not respond positively because he consider it as a shackle that would hamper his progress towards his goal. He was at folly to think so because his father loved Narendra for his valour and loving nature also. When he realises this enemy agents have made all the villager their hostage to set free Shera who had been captured earlier. Gaurav single handedly charges on to them and sets free all including Sanam. People od Dhanakpur realises their folly. Seth Yashpal finds another Narendra in Gaurav and Sanam to Gaurav and Dhanakpur to India are bound in everlasting relations.

(From the official press booklets)