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Sapoot (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

Singhania (KADER KHAN) is a powerful underworld DON. His elder son Raj (SUNIL SHETTY) looks after his business, while his younger son Prem (AKSHAY KUMAR) is a playboy. One day Raj meets Kajal (SONALI BENDRE). He falls in love with her and gets married, while Prem falls in love with Pooja (KARISHMA KAPOOR). 

Singhania does not deal in drugs neither he allows anybody to deal in drugs, that is the reason for his rivalry with Dhaneshwar (PREM CHOPRA) and his brother Tejaswar (MUSKESH RISHI). One day Singhania kills Dhaneshwar. The rivalry intensifies and Tejaswar cunningly traps Singhania and kills him and takes over his underworld empire. 

Raj and Prem vow to take revenge. They plan to take back their lost Empire. Prem becomes a police inspector. Both the brothers start looting their rival's contraband goods. Raj through his underworld connections and Prem through his police background start harassing Tejaswar. 

Pooja makes Prem realise that what he is doing by wearing a police uniform and helping the underworld is wrong. Prem realises this. He changes into a new man. Prem challenges Raj and tells him to stop his underworld activities. 

Does Raj listen to Prem's warning and stops his business? 

How far does the rivalry between Raj and Pram go? 

Does Tejaeswar succeed in killing both the brothers? 

All the Questions will be answered in Jaydev Thackerays' "SAPOOT".

(From the official press booklet)


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