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Sasta Khoon Mehenga Pyar (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

Cruel destiny pitted brother against brother, son against father. One was a conscious and duty bound policeman and another one was dacoit, a professional killer. 

Destiny had thrown them asunder when the brothers were children. They met again; ignorant of their true relationship, they forged friendship; they became blood brothers, they took oath to help each other in their need. But alas when they grew up their profession proved to be of their undoing. 

Moreover destiny threw a spanner in between them in the form of a beautiful damsel, a village belly Bindiya. Both the brothers fall in love with her. The love-hate relationship of brothers took a deadly turn when the elder one, Jwala the decoit learnt that Bindiya is in love with his brother the policewala Mohan. He vowed that if Mohan would not remove himself from his way, he would kill him. He arrested him and bargained with Bindiya that if she would surrender to his carnal desires, he would release Mohan. 

Bindiya agreed. Mohan was released. But destiny again took the matter in his hands. 

Father, the head of decoit gang learnt about the bargain. He was so furious that he expelled Jwala, the decoit, from his gang. He took Bindiya to her village where he met his long lost wife. Their reunion brought happiness to them; but it was short lived, as Mohan arrested Jaisingh the decoit, his own father, and put him behind bars. 

Jwala learnt of his father's arrest. He vowed "I would get him released" at any cost, But did he succeed. 

What was the result of the deadly feud between brothers? For answer see "SASTA KHOON MEHANGA PYAR".

(From the official press booklet)


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    Sharda Films, Bombay
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