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Satta (2003)

  • LanguageHindi

Satta - "the game of power" is a gripping tale of the fiercely spirited Anuradha, a woman with middle class roots and a dazzling ambition to make it big. 

Her life takes a dramatic turn from her marriage with Vivek Chauhan, a rich and a powerful brat whose reckless and overwhelming life confines her to a neglected and self-sacrificed housewife. 

Fate thrusts her into the murky world of active Politics, a power-driven world of betrayal and survival, where no one can be trusted. Her world is encompassed with characters around her constantly casting their influences and changing her course of life. But Anuradha battles and she evolves into a stronger individual ready to take on the challenges that life throws upon her. 

She is put in a rut of selfish motives, where instead of giving in to circumstances she takes on the system, eventually succeeding in cleaning up the murk around her.

(From the official press booklet)


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