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Sautela (1999)

  • LanguageHindi

Starring:    Raghuvir Singh (Suresh Oberoi) is the son of Charan Singh's first wife.

 Arjun Singh (Mithun Chakraborty) is the son of Charan Singh's second wife.

Raghuvir Singh does not accept Arjun and Arjun's sister Sita (Rajashree), as his brother and sister as they are not from his mother.

Arjun and Sita always keep loving Raghuvir Singh, but he hates them.

Raju (Vinay Anand) an orphan boy comes to stay with Arjun and inspite of Arjun's warning to him, not to have anything to do with Raghuvir Singh's daughter Neela (Priyanka Trivedi), Raju and Neela fall in love with each other. When Raghuvir Singh comes to know about the affair, he beats up Raju and plans the marriage of Neela with Bhairav (Vishwajit Pradhan) son of Pratap Singh (Gulshan Grover). Raghuvir Singh seeks revenge with Arjun and breaks the marriage engagement of Arjun's sister Sita. Arjun and Sita always wish good for Raghuvir Singh's family, but Raghuvir Singh is all set, to ruin Arjun's family.

The bone of contention is Raju and Neela.

How Arjun and his sister Sita keep sacrificing to save the honour of Raghuvir Singh from the villain Pratap Singh and his son Bhairav.

Sita's only aim in life is to unite Raghivir Singh and Arjun Singh for which she lays down her life. Not only does she unite Raghuvir Singh and Arjun but also Raju and Neela.

(From the official press booklets)


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