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Sautela Pati (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

The situation is hilarious. An old rich man Madan Puri (Madan Puri) wants his only daughter Shobha (Khushboo) to marry a suitable 'Pati'. He writes to his childhood friend to send his only son to the city, so that he should tame her since the daughter, Shobha is highly short tempered. 

On the other hand, the second wife of Madan Puri, Asha (Asha Sachdev) conspires with Rakesh (Gulshan) so that he should get married to Shobha and later they would distribute the riches among themselves. 

One more suiter is there that is Rajan (Mazhar). He is Shobha's friend and he is immensely in love with her but because of his shyness, he could never express his love to her. 

Out of these three suiters the village boy (Devendra) wins the race and marries Shobha. In desperation Rakesh kills the husband and Shobha becomes a widow, but not for long.

Her doubts are on Rakesh. To torture him and get the evidence she marries Rakesh. But before the marriage could be consummated another young boy (Rajkiran) enters the house and claims to be the real husband of Shobha. He has all the proofs. He does not allow Rakesh to enter Shobha's bedroom. The tussle keeps going on till one night when Rakesh tries to kill Raj. 

On this the Sautela Pati asked him "why kill me?" He tells him that he is also after Shobha's money like him. So they join hands and decide to eliminate Shobha. 

But then the lover boy is there. What happens next?... Who wins the heart of Shobha?... 

To know all this you will have to see this hilarious musical suspense drama "Sautela Pati".

(From the official press booklet)