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School Girl (1999)

  • LanguageHindi

Jyoti (Aparna), Rani (JyotiRana), Asha and other Girls are studying school and they all stay in a Hostel. One day Rani goes to see a film shooting where she gets late. Hence misses her school bus. She takes lift from a passing car which she gets in the car is a leader Harish Dube (Anil Nagrath), producer Chopra (Mac Mohan) in the conversation they say they will make Rani a Heroine and for that she has to do a photo session. In that perfect they take her to a steel photographer Ranjit (VinodTriphathi) and take her to a still in lesser clothes. Latter rape her. They all warn her not to disclose this as they will print her photograph in Newspaper.

Giving her this warning,they ask her to get a Girl from a school. Rani protest but in vain. HenceRani gets her school friend Asha into this. 

Here she comes to know that Inspector Shakti Singh. (Shakti Kapoor) is involved, in this scandal and he also rapes Asha. In latter days, Gets Pregnant, which come into the knowledge of Jyoti who is best friend of Asha.Jyoticomplaints in Police Station and producer Chopra is arrested.But released latter by Shakti Singh.Asha Commits suicide and Rani tells real mystery behind Asha'sdeath to Vishal (Raj Premi) who is son Harish Dube. They decide to kill the leader, producer and the inspector Shakti Singh. In this attempt Rani dies saving Jyoti and Vishal kills his father, Harish Dube. Court convicts Ranjit and sentences him while Jyoti and Vishal get free.

(From the official press booklet)


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