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Shahi Farmaan (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

Princess Neelam was the only heir to the throne. Cunning and cruel Commander Samara wanted to usurp the throne. Kiran, a young man raised his voice against Samara's injustices and was killed by him. Badal, Kiran's younger brother challenged Samara. Samara was a unique swordsman, and Badal had never held a sword in his hand. Samara played with him and eventually let him go. This double defeat evoked feelings of revenge in Badal, and by hard efforts and coaching by Duraj who was also Samara's coach, Badal became a master swordsman in a short time. 

One day, Badal met the Princess who was then in male attire. They became friends. Later their friendship developed into love. Badal told her that he hated the Princess for being a puppet in the hands of Samara. The Princess gave him a false name. 

In a competition of swordsmanship, Badal was the victor and was appointed the chief swordsman of the Palace. Coming to know of the helplessness of the Princess, Badal vowed to be faithful to her until death. Samara tried to put an end to their love and plotted to prove Badal a rebel. He succeeded in his efforts and the Princess was compelled to order that Badal should be arrested, but, with the help of his faithful friends Badal escaped from the prison. 

What happened next? How truth won over falsehood? To know this see SHAHI FARMAAN.

(From the official press booklet)