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Shaitani Ilaaka (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

Throb....throb....throb....the heart has started beating faster....through strange and terrifying roads, the fingers of death are reaching your throat...the Devil has arisen, the Devil has awakened, the Devil has seen you! From here till as far as you can see this dark, fearsome place is "Shaitani Ilaaka.' The Devil resides here, the Devil is worshipped here, the Devil rules here and here will be sacrificed Meeta....on every moonless night Lalbai sacrifices a origin bride to the Devil and this sequence of bloodshed will continue until Meeta's blood reaches the Devil. To save Meeta, Deepak married her, but before the marriage was consummated there was calamity! Lalbai succeeded! Meeta's life was saved, but her blood reached the Devil !! Now there is terror all round; storms of death have been unleashed, waves of horror have risen ! Tantric Baba has used the might of his prayers, his Godly powers. Meeta's brother Amar has lost his life and yet the Devil has reached the temple where Meeta & Deepak are hiding with Funtush and their other friends. For his own sinful reason, the sinner Ranjeet has turned the whole village against Meeta....and now....there are just ten steps between Meeta and the Devil....between life and death....Oh God help ! God

(From the official press booklet)


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