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Shapath (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

What is the fate of a country when those who are ruling it join hands with criminals who are out to destroy it? 

Chaurasia (Kader Khan) a drug smuggler is hand in glove with Minister Rana Jung Bahadur (RazaMurad) and enjoys his patronage in ruling the underworld. 

Rajeshwar (Gulshan Grover) wants to smuggle arms inside the country to seek Chaurasia's help. But, Chaurasia refuses to get involved and also stops Rajeshwar from trafficking arms. Rajeshwar decides to eliminate Rana Jung Bahadur and weaken Chaurasia. Arjun (MithunChakraborty) a commando becomes an alcoholic when he loses his beloved Shalu in this incident. Arjun becomes Chaurasia's bodyguard. Rajeshwar also gets killed in a blast. Rajeshwar's brother Lankeshwar (Salim Ghouse) runs the business with Dr. Subramaniam's help, who offers his hospital as a hideout for storing arms. Kishan (Jackie Shroff) an honest and dare devil Officer believes in killing criminals on the spot. The Police Commissioner disagrees with Kishan gives herein strict instruction to keep away from the arm smuggling case. This leads Kishan to believe that Police Commissioner is involved with the arm smugglers and wonders who isthe gang leader responsible for political assassinations. Police Officer Kavita (Ramya) daughter of Minister Deendayal Sharma (Rama Reddy) and Kishan's beloved, sympathizes with Kishan. 

Despite Police Commissioner's continuous warnings Kishan continue his crusade against the arms smugglers. In this process Arjun and Kishan became sworn enemies. Lankeshwar hires Arjun and gets rid of Chuaurasia. Kishan's brother Rahul (Harish) witnesses this crime. Arjun kills Rahul. Kishan attack Arjun to avenge Rahul's death. Arjun gets a chance to kill Kishan, but does not kill him. 

If Arjun could kill Rahul why did he not kill Kishan? 

Why does the Police Commissioner stop Kishan from investigating the arms case? 

Who is the brain behind arms smuggling and political assassinations? 

To know the answers to these questions one has to see "SHAPATH" (The Oath).

(From the official press booklet)