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Shehzada (1972)

  • LanguageHindi

“SHEHZADA” relates to the story of a care free young man who happened to be millionaire by birth but a poor truck driver by profession, with sole ambition in life that of helping his mother in the restoration of her rightful place in the family Shehzada had a chance meeting with Chanda, which gradually developed into a sizzling romance, ultimately culminating into wedlock.
    Something had gone amiss in the life of Shehzada’s mother, who was thrown out of the house by a headstrong and haughty grandmother of Shehzada. Even the cowardly father of Shehzada could not stand against the injustice being meted out to his wife the mother of Shehzada. And chanda had to be content to live in a poor hutment, in sharp contrast to the palaces in which his grandmother and his father together. Not all the flourish of wealth could tempt Shehzada to accept his grandmother’s attractive offers at the cost of desertion of his mother such was the character of Shezada. Shehzada  was so cut up with his father and grandmother, that even a mere mention of both sent him into tantrums of anger.
    Now what was amiss between the mother on one hand and the grandmother on the other, which brought about untold miseries on the family and whether Shehzada could succeed in uniting the family, are the questions, which can best be answered on the silver screen.



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