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Sher-E-Bengal (1947)

  • LanguageHindi

The story of our picture begins from a village of Bengal. The zamindar of the said village, under the influence of his estate manager, dharamroy, oppresses the poor villagers. Meanwhile, jeevan, the village chowdhrey’s son, returns from Calcutta after completing his studies. Jeevan is in love with Geeta, the zamindar’s daughter. Dharamroy, a rival of jeevan in this matter, frames a plot to murder jeevan, while on his way back to home. But jeevan foils this plan and reaches home safely.
    Defeated in his Cunning scheme, Dharamroy sets up another plot. This time murdering zamindar, and putting the blame on jeevan. Jeevan tries to escape, put his car falls from the cliff. Thus jeevan dead, dharamroy tightens his hold on geeta and starts the rein of tyranny on his people.
    And then, there appears a man, calling himself shere Bengal, the helper of the poor all the plans and schemes of dharamroy are foiled by shere Bengal. Dharamroy, with the manto, a notorious gang-leader, tries to wipe away shere Bengal, but shere Bengal proves too strong for him. Who is shere Bengal ? Was jeevan killed in the accident ? who murdered Zamindar ? you will find all the answers in this thrill a minute picture.