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Sherkhan (1998)

  • LanguageHindi

In SHER KHAN (Dharmji) life, his only aim is to help the poor and weak people. Many girls tried their best to conquer Sher Khan's heart to get his love, but no one becomes successful.

One day Roshini(Jaya Pradha) succeeds and wins Sher Khan's love, Sherkhan also accepts Roshini's love as a gift by God. But Raja (Kiran Kumar), Tony (AsifShaikh), and Kalka (Mohan Joshi) together killed Roshini and they put the blame on Sherkhan. Sherkhan had to spend his seven years in Jail. In this love story, it takes a new turn.  In a village Radha (Ankita) and Kishan (AbhishekBindal), a flute playboy and singer both are deeply in love, but Radha'suncle Bhola (Sadashiv) takes Radha to the city where Raja lived. Kishan goes to city to search for Radha where SherKhan was set free from Jail and he gave shelter to Kishan. The same identical face of Roshini, her sister name Chandini (Jaya Pradha) trains Kishan to become a great Singer so that with the help of his art, he can find his lover Radha, but this time also Raja, Tony, Kalka, and Bhola stand like a wall between Radha and Kishan. SherKhan knows the pain in separation of love. He takes the vow to join Radha and Kishan, and then what happened - see in - "SHER KHAN".

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