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Shola Aur Shabnam (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

Karan and his three friends Raja, Satya, and Grish were N.C.C. cadets under Major Lathi. They were exciting and light-hearted young students and respected the Major, but sometimes they took advantage of his mild nature, and Major Lathi even punished them for such behavior.

Major Lathi's friend, the Police Commissioner, had a young daughter Pooja who was in the same college with Karan. There she meets him and their small meetings of love and mischief slowly builds into a bond for each other.

Bali, younger and only brother of Kali Babu who is the don of the underworld, likes Pooja. Because of the intelligence and two hands, Inspector Namdev and Tiwari, of Kali Babu'sjijaji he had created a hold over the entire city. Due to Pooja, there was a rift between Bali and Karan, hence he tried to molest Karan's sister. This rift started increasing and Bali who wanted Karan out of the scene inflicts a murder charge on him which is proved right in the Court of Law. By this time Major Lathi knows that Karan is an innocent, aspiring young boy.

Karan runs from jail and plays hide-n-seek with the police. By this time Pooja comes to know that Karan is innocent and she along with Karan draws a plan to prove him innocent.

Karan, to prove himself innocent, captures inspector Tiwari but in turn, he loses his friend Satya. Kali is in a fix now. Only Tiwari's verdict can prove Karan innocent. When Karan along with the Commissioner and Major is taking Tiwari to Court, he is attacked by Kali and his men. But Kali is not successful in his attempt to rescue Tiwari and is caught by the police. Karan had passed his sentence in jail but still has to go to Court.

The Commissioner and Major sink their differences and misunderstandings and the Commissioner allows his daughter Pooja and Karan to be one.

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