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Shravani Satam (1977)

  • Release Date1977
  • GenreDevotional
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageGujarati
  • Run Time128 min
  • Length3871.57 meters
  • Number of Reels14
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number85406
  • Certificate Date27/07/1977

The reason why birds can fly and we can't is, they have faith, for, to have faith is to have wings.

According to the most ancient and glorious Hindu culture, the year's most pious month is Shravan, which is full of many festivals. There are many interesting legends connected with each and every holy day. The most outstanding is the legend of Shitala Mata. As the legend goes Sharavani Satam alias Shitala Satam is the day on which the mother of the young child prays and worships Shitala Mata. On the previous day of Randhan Chhath, they all cook for the whole day and at night, they put off the stove and oven sprinkling water on them, it is so believed that in the latter part of the night Shitala Mata visits the kitchens of all the families and when she steps in the oven if the stove has not been extinguished, Shitala Mata gets burnt and curses thus: one who has burnt me, may his child burn, and the child goes in delirium with heavy burns.

And On this legend is based our story, centered around two brothers Ramu and Lakha and their wives Sona and Ganga. Sona has a daughter and she harasses her brother-in-law Lakha and his wife Ganga who has a very young son. Sona's brother Ragho is a crook and vagabond, always entangled in gambling and addiction and other vices. There is a village buoyant girl Jamna who wanted to marry Lakha but now she is helpless and dejected. Jamna still does her best to go out of the way and help Lakha. Ragha is luring Lakha to the vices and Ganga is harassed in the house by Sona.

In Shravan on Randhan Chhath night while feeding her child, Ganga forgets to extinguish the fire and then Ma Shitala curses her and her child is ablaze with agony—A neighbor an elderly woman Vijba advises her to go to Shitala Mata's temple, the road to which is full of hardship and from where no one has come back. Ganga determined to save the child undertakes the journey to the point of no return and then...well, see it on the screen.

[from the official press booklet]