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Sorath No Saavaz (1985)

  • LanguageGujarati

Amar sinha, a dashing young man, was a lorphan he shines out as a winner in the horse-race sponsired by phoolkunvar, the queen. The queenw ho is atracted to the youthful and handsome amar, invites him to be the guest at the palace the young man however declines the invitation saying that it being the raksha bandhan day he had to go to his sister.
    Amar has been trying to find a suitable groom for his sister. In the meanwhile he encounters joravar sinha an infamous dacoit of the area. Who has kidnapped a young maiden sonal. Amar fights the dacoit and rescues sonal.
    Eventually, attracted towards each other. Sonal and amar fall in love. But gumansinh, who is in the service of the queen, has an evil eye on sonal. Phoolkunwar, the queen, who has been rejected by amar, helps gumansinh in his vvil designs on sonal.
    Amar marries off his or her sister. But tha marriage party is attacked on the back and amar’s sister is raped by joravar. She commits suicide. Amar, well-bent on taking the revenge, vows not to marry till he destroys the dreadful dacoit.
    Gumansing, in the meanwhile resort to all sorts of attempts to marry sonal. On the other-hand amorous phoolkunwar goes on seducing young men and then getting them killed. Amar however takes all care to save himself from her vicious plans.
    Gumansinh. At the advice of phoolkunwar’s maid monghi kidnaps amar, phoolkunwar also arrives where amar has been kept. But amar’s friend dhaniyo and his girlfriend dhanki skillfully helps amar to escape.
    Amar comes to sonal’s father and asks for his daughter’s hand in marraige guman also comes there. Guman expresses his desire to marry sonal. Amar challenges guman and leaves.
    Guman envaged, sets fire to amar’s house amar goes to his mentor govindsinh, the latter tells him about his own past.
    In the meanwhile, sonal’s parents forced by phoolkunwar, agree to marry sonal with gumansinh, amar however rescues sonal, who are chased by guman, he eowever meets his end. Amar and sonal are however captured by dacoit joravarsinh. Phoolkunwar who had a change of heart and has now reformed, helps amar to escape. Amar fights joravar fiercely and finally kills him.
    Amar and sonal get married and leave happily thereafter.