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Style (2001)

  • LanguageHindi

The story revolves around two young boys named  - Buntu and Chantu and two girls - Rani and Sheena. Buntu and Chantu are teenaged mischievous and funny collegians, who are loved by the other students because of their wit, presence of mind and ability to solve any problem, facing any student.

Whenever they help Rich student to 'Patao' a girl or help someone to come out of the mess with ei¬ther college authorities or rowdies of other college, they are showered with gifts like - 'Shoes, T-Shirts, Perfumes, Shirts, etc. or Parties in Five Star Hotels because of which inspite of hailing from middle class, they have cultivated habits of rich class. But, once a rich friend plays a practical joke on them when he vanishes from a party in Five Star Hotel leaving behind Bantu to pay the hefty Bill. Bantu and Chantu find themselves next day lying in garbage Can of Five Star Hotel with black eye and twisted arm. Now they realise the value of being rich and that once the college was over, the rich friends will go to handle their father's business and Buntu and Chantu will have to go back to their middle class Chawl leaving behind their habit of expensive items and stylish life style. The very thought scares them, but Bantu comes out with brilliant idea to solve this problem forever. For years, they have been helping others to Patao a girl. Now if each of them can patao a rich and only daughter of a millionaire and marry her, they will never have to go back to chawl and can spend rest of the life in her palace everafter happily and in style of her legacy. Chantu finds the idea simply superb and both zerodown on Rani and Sheena, two young girls of their college who suit their requirements perfectly. Both of them stay in a Private Hotel for rich girls in town but alas ! both the girls hate Buntu and Chantu for their past experience. As Buntu and Chantu had ragged & insulted Rani & Sheena on the first day of their college. Buntu and Chantu decide to change Rani & Sheena's opinion about them....Do they succeed in it...Do they win over Rani - Sheena ........ Do get all the answers in the film "STYLE".

(From the official press booklets)


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