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Suhruth (1952)

  • Release Date16/01/1952
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageMalayalam

Retired Tehsildar Sekharan lives with his wife Kamalamma and his two sons Rajagopalan and Radhakrishnan,  in his family home in Aluva. The brothers are at loggerheads with each other. Radhakrishnan leaves for Madras to study along with his tutor Mary’s brother, Raju. Mary Teacher sells her assets to pay for Raju’s education, leaving nothing for her daughter Leela.

In Radhakrishnan’s absence, Rajagopalan takes over sustaining the family. He becomes an alcoholic and womaniser. Meanwhile, Raju falls in love with Vimala, a student in Madras. Rajagopalan tries to kill Raju, because he does not like him being friends with his brother. Radhakrishnan is hurt, but he recovers soon.


Rajagopalan returns home and forces Mary and her daughter out of their home. They reach Vimala's home in Thrissur. Vimala’s servant tries to molest Leela, and she is thrown out when she rebuffs his advances. Vimala attempts to console Mary, but she leaves the house as well. Vimala is set to marry Rajagopalan. In the meantime, Sekharan dies, grieving his son’s misdeeds. Though their friend Jayapalan tries to help them, both Radhakrishnan and Raju find it difficult to continue their studies. Rajagopalan continues in his evil ways, refusing to share any property with Radhakrishnan. Radhakrishnan returns from Chennai to contest his claim. Ultimately, Rajagopalan and Kumaran are brought to justice and Radhakrishnan comes into his inheritance. He finds Leela and Mary after a long search and brings them back. Raju marries Vimala.


The promotion of the film adopted an innovative method: it included a call for investment, whereby anyone willing to buy the shares of the film by paying 250 or 400 rupees would get a chance to act in the film. But the film did not create any major impact at the box office.