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Sultaan (2000)

  • LanguageHindi

Sultaan is a story of Police Inspector Sultan Rasool Baksh (Dharmendar) who is sincere towards his duty but cirucmstances force him to give up his job, and disguise himself as SULTAAN to fight evil forces.

(Mithun) Abhimanyu is the son of Havaldar Balram. Sultaan tells him that he can choose one of them either his police duty or "Sultaan".

Veer Badra Rudranarayan (Raza Murad) is the Don of underworld. He is living with his five sons Roopshankar (Mukesh Rishi), Bheema Shankar (Jack Gaud), Jatt Shankar (Shiva), Kali Shankar (Sanjeev), Bhavani Shankar (Jug Rai). All the five sons of (Raza Murad) make such a plan that the whole family of Abhimanyu (Mithun) is killed.

To take revenge Abhimanyu disguise himself as Sultaan and burns Roop Shankar's face.

In Meerut there lives Kabeera (Mithun) working as mechanic in the garage of Madam Aysha (Sheena) who loves Kabeera.

Who is Kabeera?

Where is inspector Abhimanyu and who is he?

Find the answer to all these questions in our action packed thriller "Sultaan" on the silver screen.

(From the officical press booklets)