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Taaqatwar (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

Sharma a true Municipal officer who leaves no unjustice is killed by MunjalKhurana for not favouring his ideas, And the blame of his killing goes on Master D'Mello who is hanged for Sharma's killing. 

Knowing the truth that Master D'Mello was innocent Sharma's wife is quiet because Munjalthreaten's her son's life. 

But John runs away because of accuse that he is son of a killer, he turns out to be a small-timer pick pocketer who rob's the rich and help's the poor. Amar Sharma son of officer Vijay Sharma turn's to be a police officer who always is the opportunity to pick MunjalKhurana and finish the evil man, He creates a havoc for MunjalKhurana. 

Munjal hires John who he knows also is enemy of Amar Sharma to finish him. How Amar & John unite together after know they are the same lost friend, And how they finish the evil deeds of MunjalKhurana the killer of Amar's & John's father with their wits & will is Taaqatwar.

(From the official press booklet)