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Tabaahi/The Destroyer (1999)

  • LanguageHindi

When a soldier stands on a border, he takes thousands of lives and gets medal but whenever his one's are killed he is deprived of the right of killing that enemy, though this enemy may be a Traitor to the country.

Tabaahi - The Destroyer is a story of a Black Cat Commando Major DigvijaySanyal(MithunChakraborthy) whose first duty is to save the nation. His younger brother Vijay Sanyal(Ayub Khan) is a Police Inspector who wants to destroy the enemies within the country like his elder brother but destiny was not in his favour. The area in which he was transferred was under the clutches of Rudraksh (Mukesh Rishi), D C P Kumar (Girija Shankar), Netaji(TejSapru), Justice Sinha(UpendraKhuso) who rules and terrorise the innocent people. When Rudraksh came to know that Inspector Vijay Sanyal is a younger brother of Major Sanyal because of whom his younger brother was killed, then he with his other friends (DCP, Netaji, and Justice Sinha) brutally kills Inspector Vijay Sanyal and his wife Divya(Divya Dutta) taking his revenge. When Major Sanyal comes to destroy his Aatank Raj with the intention of taking revenge for his brother then his lover Mamta (Indira Krishna) falls in the hands of Rudraksh. 

Does Rudrakshkills her? 

Does major Sanyal Sacrifices his love and saves rest of his family members from destruction? 

Does major Sanyal tactfully and secretly with his brain was able to destroy his enemy? & their AATANK RAJ?

To know all this, watch our only on big screen "TABAAHI" - the Destroyer".

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