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Tadap (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

Chetna is socially conscious Doctor working in a Hospital. One day while going to Hospital, she sees a man crushed by a fast-moving car. The person in car did not stop the car and went away in speed without noticing the tragedy. Chetna lifts the man to hospital where he dies. Chetna lodges a police complaint but police does not take action. The man in the fast car was the city underworld kingpin and the police was afraid of him. Chetna was stunned when the underworld kingpin Nagpal tried to shut her mouth by offering her money. She shouted at him and turned him out with the money. This was a great insult for Nagpal because nobody could dare refuse him. Nagpal became her enemy. The enmity became all the more when Chetna took the help of a local goonda to stand against Nagpal which led to a bloody action encounter. She was impressed by this local goonda Prakash and tried to inspire him to lead a better life as a noble citizen. Prakash took this sentiment as an offer of love from her side. One day he sent his mother to Chetna's house with offer of marriage. Prakash's mother was insulted at Chetna's house. Prakash met Chetna in temple where Chetna had called him. He came there very happily but Chetna asked him to take a vow before the goddess not to meet her again ever in life. This was a blow to Prakash. He took the vow according to her wish and went out as a sad man. 

Chetna got engaged to another man according to the family status but one night when she was going out with him in a car she was waylaid by Nagpal and his men.

They tried to drag her out of the car. She cried for help but her would-be husband ran away from the place. She was lifted away from that place by Nagpal's men.

What happened to Chetna afterward? What happened to Prakash? What was the end of Nagpal? All the questions are beautifully answered by Producer & Director SOHANLAL KANWAR on the screen. The movie is a must for young women of the nation. It is an eye-opener to the young girls of marriageable age because it tells them the art of selecting a suitable husband. What are the qualifications of good life partner, every young girl can learn from this picture?

(From the official press booklet)


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