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God and Nature had bestowed aplenty the gift of musical genius. 

He was a great devotee of the Muse of Melody. He firmly believed that Almighty resided (was present) in the melody that poured forth from the deepest fathoms.

He even believed that if such music fell on a dead man's ears, life would be revived!

The Princess of Roopnagar, on the contrary, had put a ban on music. It was a crime, in her kingdom, for anyone to sing. 

The Guru of Puran sent him to this kingdom - from where the light of music had been extinguished. Puran reached the outskirts of the kingdom -and the moment he got there he began to pour forth melody from his throat -and was immediately put under arrest.

He was produced before the Princess!

The Princess was suffering from paralytic stroke. But Puran's music cured her of her disease - she got a fresh lease of life. 

The light of music that was extinguished was relighted. 

To the Princess, the world began to appear in a new light - for the flame of love was kindled in her heart. 

But Puran was an ascetic - who never dared to stare into a woman's face. 

The Princess desired to make Puran a court-singer. But Puran's ideas ran into different lines. He declared "My melody cannot be confined in the four walls of a palace - nor can it be a slave of a woman !"

So saying he quit the kingdom -spurning the munificent offer. 

But Puran's teacher (Guruji) thought otherwise! In order that he should be able to shed off the pride that had creeped into his heart, he sent Puran again to the outskirts of the kingdom. Telling him that "Unless the sweet sound caused by the small bells tied round a woman's feet mix with melody music is not perfect !— it is imperfect !! 

When the love-stricken Princess learnt that Puran was staying in a cottage on the outskirts of the kingdom, she went there - in the guise of the Malan of the palace. 

Days passed - the two were attracted towards each other. 

But fate decreed a different tale. 

Puran was arrested on charge of murder. According to the Code of the Kingdom - the murderer was to be burnt alive! Puran was brought before the Royal Court.

Then only Puran came to know that the Malan was none else but the Princess herself. 

Both Puran and the Princess were surprised. 

Were Puran and the Princess married?

Let the Silver Screen answer.

(From the official press booklet)