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Tere Bina Kya Jina (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

Amar and Meena were a newly married couple immensely in love with each other Amar„ as a Manager in a private firm was more often too busy to keep up with appointments with his wife due to heavy pressure of work in the office, this irritates Meena.
They chalked out a programme to celebrate the first anniversary of their marriage. Amar promised Meena that he would come home early and would take her out to have a nice time. Unfortunately an important meeting in the office, keeps Amar busy and he cannot reach home at the appointed time. This is the last straw for an irritated Meena. She decides in a desperate mood to leave the house, never to return. Amar tries to persuade her but she is adament. 

After a few days, one morning, Amar receives a call from Meena. Amar tells her that his life was very miserable without her and requests her to forget and forgive and return home. Amar also tells her that if she did not return, he would commit suicide. Meena laughs and taunts Amar that it was easy to say but difficult to commit suicide as nobody dies for anybody Amar takes upon himself the insult and decides to commit suicide. Amar makes many attempts to kill him-self but the idea of agony and pain that he would undergo, desist him to commit suicide. He then looks out for a man, who could kill him without his knowledge. 

A man, named Gazeb Singh, who is supposed to have escaped from a Lunatic Asylum, comes across Amar Amar tells him that he wants to die as he was fed up with the life. Gazeb Singh agrees to do the job but demands handsome money Amar pays him.
As fate would have it, Gazeb Singh, tries various ways and means to kill Amar but by sheer providence, Amar survives on all occasions.
In the meantime, when Meena's anger subsides, she returns home Amar is very happy to receive her and both embrace each other Amar narrates to Meena how he tried to kill himself They have a good laugh and decide to resume their happy life again.
But Gazeb Singh does not want to give up. He keeps on haunting Amar that since he has been paid for the job and since he is a honest man he has to complete the work assigned to him, so Amar should be ready to die. Amar explains to him that he does not wish to die now as his wife has returned. But this does not pacify Gazeb Singh. 

Now Amar and Meena are frightened: They plan to leave for some unknown destination to escape from the clutches of Gazeb Singh. Surprisingly Gazeb Singh, follows them like a Ghost to complete his mission. When Amar and Meena find Gazeb Singh following them, they hastily leave the place and return home.
What happened ultimately? Could Gazeb Singh kill Amar? For this queer answer, please come and enjoy 'Tere Bina Kya Jina and laugh your heart out.

(From the official press booklet)