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Tohfa Mohabbat Ka (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

Avtaar Kishan, Jeevan and Raman Lal are business partners. Ambitious Raman Lal is supplying brown sugar through company. Avtaar and Jeevan are not aware of Raman's insincerity. Jeevan comes to know this misdeed. Rarrian Lal kills him. Avtaar Kishan is the eye witness Raman Lal gets life imprisonment Raman Lal takes a vow against Avtaar. 

Since long time Parvati, Avtaar's wife is not having any issue. Avtaar and Parvati adopt a child called Vinay. As child Vinay steps in the house, Parvati gives birth to Vijay. Younger Vijay is always jealous of Vinay.

Vicky son of Raman Lal traps Vijay. Misfortune starts taking place in Avtaar's family. Vinay who loves Neeta gets killed in an accident. Vinay goes mad out of this unexpected shock. 

Nurse Radha starts treating Vinay in asylum. Vicky warns Radha not to make Vinay alright. Radha marries mad Vinay and makes him perfectly alright. Same day Radha gets kidnaped from the house. 

Vinay meets another girl Sunita who looks alike Neeta. What's is the mystry behind this girl. Vinay meets Radha at a "Mujra Kotha". Does he recognise Radha? Does Vinay solve the murder mystery? Does he settle the score of his family's enemy Raman Lal and Vicky? Just to get all the answers kindly see TOHFA MOHABBAT KA on your city's golden screen.

(From the official press booklet)


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