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Triveni (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

'TRIVENI" is the place of confluence of three sacred rivers, so also this story combines three Sacred Souls in the pilgrimage of life. The physical and biological body consumes but desires and the soul never consumes unless fulfilled and traversed the full path of life cycle and takes birth after birth.

Nupur, all alone in life, is a rich and beautiful girl deeply engrossed in inner thoughts but disable to discern her thoughts and desires materially. In course of her dejection she comes across two young men in life - One Shekhar- a young and handsome painter and other Vishal the writer both are very good and bosom friends, she falls in love with Shekhar. Vishal visualizing Nupur in love with Shekhar recapitulate the reminiscent and starts deciphering.

Suddenly Nupur feels like killing Shekhar, but she could not perceive as to how to kill one whom she loves to the core of her heart. Vishal scared of Nupur's feeling and starts experimenting his story on love duo. One day when Nupur attempts to kill Shekhar in her tense moment, but in a spur of moment Shekhar holds Nupur and enquires her the cause of killing him, to which Nupur has no reply as to why she wants to kill him. Vishal appears and says, I have an answer to it as I was aware that you both will reach to this stage.

Does Nupur kill Shekhar ?

Does Vishal able to unite Nupur and Shekhar ?

Does Shekhar reconciled and accepted Nupur ?

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