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Tu Chor Main Sipahi (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

Inspector Amar is an upright devoted Police Officer who has no mercy for anti-social elements or criminals.

Raja is one such professional Thief, better known as King whose name spells terror for High Society - a menace for the rich and benefactor for the poor a la Robin Hood style.

In his latest robbery he ransacks the house of Home Minister's daughter which infuriates the Police Commissioner to instruct Inspector Amar to arrest Raja, dead or alive, at any cost. Raja plays one up again by planting the stolen jewellery on the very person of Police Commissioner's daughter Kajal which implicates the Commissioner as wells as Kajal the heart throb of Inspector Amar. Amar loses no time in arresting Raja, but while escorting him to the police station he is ambushed by wayside dacoits and Amar gets wounded in the brawl. Raja gets the opportunity and flees the spot with police gear.

The story now shifts to a notorious village called Dhandari Kalan, where Law & Order fear to tread. Here is the Kingdom of Thakur Gajendra Singh whose reign of terror has usurped the landed property of poor villagers who are forced into bonded slaves to excavate silver ore from their fields for smuggling abroad.

Raja arrives at Dhandari Kalan in the guise of Police Officer to find refuge there, but gets shocked to know the plight of local villagers. Having a soft heart for the poor Raja avows to put an end to the atrocities of tyrant Thakur and restore the landed property of poor villagers as well as free their young ones from the shackles of bonded slavery. In the process Raja comes across a rustic simpleton Guddu and befriends him.

Guddu is none else but Inspector Amar on the prowl in disguise. But when Amar discovers that Raja is actually helping the Law to undo the Thakur's reign of terror, Amar decides to assist Raja in his decision of noble cause.

And when these two young men with diverse professional pursuits unite for identical goal, the film becomes a breezy sparkling entertainment "TU CHOR MAIN SIPAHI".

(From the official press booklet)


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