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Tum Mere Ho (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

"TUM MERE HO" is a love story between a young sapera, Shiva, and the daughter of a rich Chowdhary, Paro. The story reveals the games, fate plays with Shiva and Paro and the hardships they face to reach their ultimate goal. The story starts with Chowdhary Shyamlal who in the greed of obtaining the Nagmani kills the Ichhadhari Nagin's child. The Nagin takes a pledge to kill Chowdhary Shyamlal's four year old son, Ramlal and succeeds. Ramlal is declared dead and his body is immersed in the river. The floating body of Ramlal is found by a stantric Sapera, Kalpnath who manages to remove the poison. The boy is revived and adopted by Kalpnath and is named Shiva.

Shiva and Paro meet and fall in love. Chowdhary Charanjeet, Paro's father learns of their love and disapproves, he beats Shiva up and tries to stop their love affair. Chowdhary Charanjeet and his wife reveal a hard truth to Paro that she is a widow since childhood. Paro is shocked but she has to face the reality of life. To protect Shiva's happiness she decides to tell him that she did not love him, and that she is already married and will be leaving for Chowdhary Shyamlal's house, her father-in-law, on the next "Naumi day" Shiva gets wild on her deception, he slaps her and goes away angrily. Shiva soon discovers about Paro's misfortune that she is a child widow and decides away angrily. Shiva soon discovers about Paro's misfortune that she is a child widow and house and has a conflict with the Chowdhary who in reality is his own father. Shiva plays his been to draw Paro's attention. The lchhadhari Nagin also gets attracted by the been and recognizes Shiva as the boy whom she had killed years ago. She is shocked to see that he is still alive and decides to take a fresh vendetta.

Do Shiva and Paro unite ? 

Does Shiva win in his fight against the norms of society ? 

Does the Nagin succeed in her revenge ? 

Does Chowdhary Shyamlal ever meet his son Shiva ?

"TUM MERE HO" an unforgettable film for all lovers of cinema looking for excitement, adventure, romance, mystic thrills and unique entertainment.

(From the official press booklet)