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Vaastav (1999)

  • LanguageHindi

Raghu is the eldest son of Namdeo and shanta his younger brother Vijay has graduated in commerce but Raghu has not even got pass his matriculation his father gives him money to start a Pav-bha I stall and Raghu and his friends start making a decent living, until one day at the sta they get into a fight with a big gangster’s brother and in the fight the gangster’s brother and his friend are killed by Raghu
Fracture Bandya the gangster, is now after Raghu’s blood but Vittha Kanya, Fracture’s enemy takes Raghu under his wings. Slowly Raghu rises in the underworld He meets Sonu, a prostitute and in due course marries her.
After making the fracture gang, Raghu becomes one of the biggest gangsters in the underworld he is dreaded and respected by everyone but loses the love and care of his mother and father Babanrao Kadam, the Home Minister, uses Raghu to do his dirty work and obviously the law stays away from Raghu because of the same. But Babanrao’s involvement in crime starts making head ines in the media To save his sking Babanrao issues an order to kill Raghu by staging an encounter
What happens to Raghu ?
Does Babanrao succeed in his plans ?
Do Raghu’s Parents accept him ?
What happens to Sonu ?  forms the exciting and exhilarating part of VAASTAV
(From the official press booklet)



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