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Vadh (2002)

  • LanguageHindi

Dr. Arjun Singh (Nana Patekar) is by profession a Psychiatrist. One fine night a mad Serial Killer who had earlier killed six people, runs away from his Prison Ward after killing three Warden Boys and the whole City is in fear, asking the question whether it is their turn next.

The next day, in the morning, there is another Murder and this time it is the girlfriend of Dr. Arjun Singh's best friend Aaryan (Puru Rajkumar) who is very wealthy and lives his life as he desires and Dr. Arjun Singh's brother Vijay Singh (Nakul) who is a tough and strict Police Officer, is definitely sure that it is Aaryan, who is the killer, who is taking advantage of the fact that the Seril Killer is still not found.

Again after a few days Aaryan's second girlfriend is killed and the fear has increased because this time the Mad Serial Killer is also after Dr. Arjun Singh's family which includes his wife Jyoti Singh (Anupama Varma) and the terror is intensified.

The Police Department and Dr. Arjun Singh are sure that it is the Mad Serial Killer, who is behind all the killing and they are trying their level best to catch the killer. Police Office Vijay Singh, is now cent percent sure that it is Aaryan, who is the real killer and is trying his best to arrest him as soon as he finds evidence.

The entire plot of the story, including Dr. Arjun Singh, Police Officer Vijay Singh, Aaryan, best friend of Dr. Arjun Singh and the terror in the whole city is like a fast packed musical family thriller with total entertainment. Now the real drama begins hereafter. Watch the entire film with abated breath.

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