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Vanjaraa (1954)

  • Release Date22/02/1955
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Length3741.11 meters
  • Number of Reels13 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number11449 - Mumbai
  • Certificate Date04/09/1954

One day, Chhote Maalik Raju (Amar Nath) went to a village along with his Munshi Gattu (Sunder) to buy some land with the help of Chaudhary Rakha (Ramesh Thakur). While they were on their way to Rakha’s house, Rano (Manju) and her friends play a prank on them. When Raju and Gattu arrive at Rakha’s place Rakha mistakes Gattu for Chhote Malik Raju and treats Gattu like a wealthy landlord while Raju is received poorly. However the air is soon cleared and just before Raju is about to settle the land deal he meets Chaudhary’s daughter Rano, the girl who played a prank on them and falls in love with her. Now Raju gets distracted form his original plan and instead of buying land he begins romancing her. Rano also reciprocates his love. Both meet and sing love songs without the knowledge of their family. Meanwhile, Bhanbheeri (Majnu), nephew of Bante Shah (Khairati Bhaiga), a wandering minstrel wants Rano’s hand in marriage. He always pursued his maternal uncle Bante Shah to get Rano for him. Since Raju and Rano were madly in love with each other, Bhanbheeri could not bear to see them together. Firstly, he tried to marry her with the help of his uncle but when Rano’s mother refused the alliance he got infuriated and sought revenge. Bhanbheeri tried to put many an obstacle in Raju and Rano life thereafter. He even managed to get Raju beaten up by local goons and thrown out of the village. The wounded Raju is found by a group of Vanjaras and they take him to their camp and look after him. Raju starts recovering under the care of Beguma (Renu Makkar), the beautiful daughter of the head of the tribe. Beguma starts loving Raju who has promised to remain with the tribe. One day Raju goes to Rano’s village disguised as a bangle seller and meets Rano. In the meantime, Bhanbheeri steals ornaments from Chaudhary’s house and the blame is put on Raju. Raju like a true lover suffers tremendously, his reputation is tarnished. He spends his life like a Vanjara. However, Rano and her friend Shano come to know that the ornaments had been stolen by the conniving Bhanbheeri. They inform their parents and the real culprits are caught. The film ends on a happy note as the true lovers finally get married.