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Vansh symbolizes Banyan Tree with many roots but this is a story of two roots which are always eager to chock off one another.

Krishnakant Dharmadhikari, an able I.A.S. Officer is selected the Chairman of the Committee. He is handed over the case of Vilasrao Chowdhari, a Politician with a corrupt mind and also deals in Drugs and Narcotics. Dharmadhikari's first wife Rukhmini who is called official and second wife Tulsi who is not given the official status are the part of Vansh.

Dharmadhikari's mother Bijee does not accept Tulsi instead curses her also. Rukmini's son Gautam and Tulsi's son Siddharth both known as step brothers, are always eager to bow down one another or when time comes they might also kill each other. Daughter of the Police Commissioner, Anjali falls in love with Gautam and Ektaa falls in love with Siddharth. Time passes by and Krishnakant gathers all evidence against Vilasrao. Vilasrao orders to smash Krishnakant to death. Gautam and Siddharth becomes blood enemies Rukmani has no words to say while Tulsi is always calm. So was Krishnakant smashed to death or did he hand-over the file of Vilasrao Chowdhari to the Committee? Will Rukhmini and Tulsi accept each other or will Krishnakant's Vansh continues if these two brothers are always eager to kill each other?

A story of an Honest I.A.S. Officer who wants the World to be honest.

A story of a Father who is always disliked by his Heirs.

A story of a Wife who wants her rights and the other who only wants honour.

A tale of two Heirs who are always in rage of anger does not even care about their Father's prestige.

This is 'VANSH'.

(From the official press booklets)



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