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Vijay Path (1994)

  • LanguageHindi

The Family of Justice Saxena was extremely happy until his younger brother Inspector Rajesh Saxena arrests a notorious culprit of the city, Bhawani Singh, and presents him in the Court of Justice Saxena. In his judgment, Justice Saxena sentences Bhawani Singh to death. But this, judgment transforms his paradise-like home into a virtual hell. Dilawar Singh, the brother of Bhawani Singh, takes an oath to take revenge and he kills the Judge along with his honest, faithful driver Shanker. After that Dilawar Singh tries to kill the son of Judge and the driver, where Karan, son of driver Shanker, losses his eyes while saving Babloo, the son of Justice Saxena. 

The wife of Justice Saxena with two children and brother-in-law leaves the city. But Dilawar Singh stalks them there too as the shadow of their death. After killing Judge's wife, he throws Babloo out of the running train. See the miracles of the Almighty, dying Babloo donates his eyes to Karan. Putting on goggles before Rajesh Saxena. Karan takes an oath that till he confronts Dilawar Singh, he will not remove his goggles. Rajesh Saxena brings up innocent Karan with an intense desire to take revenge from Dilawar Singh. Rajesh Saxena brings young Karan to the same city from where the story of their destruction was started. 

1. Does Karan find Dilawar Singh?
2. Does Karan fulfill his oath?
3. Does Karan manage to satisfy his burning desire to revenge? 

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