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Yaar Kasam (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

A new experience of sacrifice and friendship. Raja and Kranti are bosom friends, Raja a thief and uneducated, whereas Kranti is a graduate seeking a job in vain. Ultimately Kranti also becomes a thief. Raja accidently saves the life of Bharati, who was about to commit suicide.

Raja falls in love with Bharati but she respects Raja and loves Kranti. Raja suggests Kranti to become a police officer. Now the thief becomes police officer and friend of a thief.
Conflict starts, when Kranti tries to expose Abhay Singh a good for nothing politician. Abhay tries to destroy Bharati & Kranti's happy life. He is rapist and murder but beyond the reach of law.

Raja becomes frustrate on realising that Bharati loves his friend. Raja becomes alcoholic and falls in the lap of a nauch girl Prema. When Abahay feels that he will be exposed, he kills Prema and Raja is booked by law.

Kranti had to leave the job, as he was also trapped by Abhay. Now the vendetta against Abahy starts. Raja & Kranti want to trap Abahy & Bharti wants to kill him. But Abhay is omnipotent. This leads to a thrilling climax.

Will Bharati succeed? Will Raja be able to avenge Prema's death? Will Kranti get back his job? For all questions the answer is YAAR KASAM.
It's a film of supreme sacrifice and heart throbbing emotions and nail biting action.

Don't miss YAAR KASAM. It's an experience of lifetime.

(From the official press booklets)