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Yash (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

Vikram Rai (Mangal Dhillon) is a talented singer, unknown however in the singing world. Kalpana (Sonu Walia) the daughter of Kailashnath Sahai (Ajit Vachani) who is the owner of a singing company, is however won over by his singing and marries him against her father'swishes. They have a son whom they name Yash. As time passes Kalpana realises that she has married the wrong man, she deserts her husband and son and comes back to her father's house.

Kalpana's desertion is a real challenge for Vikram and after sending Yash to a hostel; he works hard and eventually becomes the owner of a company. Time passes Yash turns out to be a handsome young man in love with a girl Angel (Kartika Rane) daughter of a music teacher.

Yash now feels rejected by both his parents his mother who is more in love with money and his father who has fallen in love with Asha (Natasha Sinha). 

After taking training in music from Mr. Joseph he becomes pop singer and gets a lot of fame. Seeing this, his mother and grandfather wish to bring him into their company to which he refuses. In order to take revenge, Mr. Sahai destroys Vikram.When Yash learns of this, he comes to his father's help.

Is Yash able to re-establish his father?

Was he able to bring his parents together?

This is the climax of Yash - a musical entertainer.

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