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Yeshwant (1997)

  • LanguageHindi

"YESHWANT" is the story of Yeshwant Lohar an honest police officer of Crime Branch, and Ragini Yeshwant Lohar a deputy Collector. They both are totally misfit in today's corrupt system. Yeshwant feels that someone amongst the sincere lot should be representing them at the higher level of the administration and ultimately succeeds. But the corrupt system and the underworld have some different tunes in store for both Yeshwant and Ragini.

Yeshwant is framed in a murder case and put behind bars. There is an attempt on Ragini's life which she luckily escapes. She is provided with a bodyguard, John Frank, an old classmate of her's, who always had a one way liking for her of which Ragini was never aware. Taking advantage of Ragini's and John's friendship, Yeshwant's corrupt colleagues and the underworld joins hands together and poison Yeshwant's mind to as to eliminate him at the domestic level as well as administrative level.

How does Yeshwant Lohar react ? OR Is he able to react ? 

Is he able to clean the corrupt system ?

Is he able to clean the city of underworld ? 

If no, then what was his extent of loss ? 

If yes, then at what cost ? 

For answers, see "YESHWANT" on silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)


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