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Zaalim (1994)

  • LanguageHindi

Ravi (Akshay Kumar) belonged to a happy and lively family. His father judge Som Nath (Alok Nath) had wished that his eldest son Vikram (Arun Bakshi) should become a doctor and he did become a surgeon. He wanted his middle son Mohan (Vishnu Vardhan) to join police force and he became a police inspector. Now the father wished his youngest son Ravi to be a judge like himself so he was sent to a Law College for studies. Here Ravi became acquainted with clever and beautiful Madhu (Madhu).

One day Vinod (Arjun), the son of Jaikal (Mohan Joshi) misbehaved with Madhu but instead of rescuing her, Ravi went away. At this she teased him for his cowardice and showed him bangle to wear on his powerful hammer like hands. At this juncture, the principal of the college (Avtar Gill) made known to her the past event in Ravi's hand is abonormally heavy like a hammer and his anger makes him a ruthless person, a ZAALIM Hearing the tale of his past deed Madhu requested Ravi to not only to forgive her but also she fell in love with him.

What did the enemies of Society do?

Did they destroy the happy and lively family of Ravi? 

Did Ravi become a judge as desired by his father? 

Was the anger of Ravi revived again?

Did the hammer-like heavy hands smash the cartel of evil?

To find answers to these and other questions see MATESHWARI FILMS 'ZAALIM'

(From the official press booklet)