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Zahreela (2001)

  • LanguageHindi

Arun Dev (Om Puri) did not know that one night a small empty tin can would not only change the pattern of his life but would also bring his wife, Nisha (Kashmira) sister, Pooja (Madhu Mitha) and his friend, Kartar Singh (Gulshan Grover) to the door steps of death.

Arun Dev is a lawyer famous for his honesty and his intelligence who is very happy with his small family. Seven years ago he was responsible for putting Dushyant (Mithun Chakraborty) behind bars on the charge of rape. Now the time has arrived when Mithun is released from Jail.

Now, after seven years in all Mithun has come with only one motive in his life, to fill Arun Dev's life with the venom of hate and revenge.  He will destroy Arun Dev by raping his sister.  But, before that Mithun wants Arun Dev to experience the seven years, which he had to live in jail.

Arun Dev will not be in Jail. But he will be imprisoned. Arun Dev lives in the society. But he will not have any social status. Arun Dev will live. But he will hate life. Arun Dev will face the torture of seven years in seven days.

Mithun's weapon, 'FEAR'. He will snatch every moment of happiness and laughter from Arun Dev's family and fill it with the poison of fear.

But, will Mithun be able to take his revenge ?

Will Arun Dev be able to save his sister form Mithun ?

Will Arun Dev ever be able to laugh with his family once again ?

The answer lies in Rajiv Babbar's "JAHREELA" only on Big Screen.

(From the official press booklet)