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Zahreele Saanp (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

It was a calm peaceful atmosphere but nobody was aware that a volcano is about to burst out.

Two Gunstors - Jhonny and Madhav try to loot a bungalow, but watchman Ajay Sharma puzzles them and spoils their evil plan. In the effort to get the loot, they murder him and his wife, while they were in a mood of celebrating their marriage anniversary. The dog Ramu witnesses the murder but hurts by a bullet. The son Babu, a very innocent young man, returns to see his parents in a pool of blood, vows to take the revenge. But how? He can't fight the flying fiery bullets with bare hands. Luckily, he gets training from Sunder, the Boss of Ajay Sharma.

Now, a very different, dynamic Babu leaves on the horse back with his dog Ramu in trial of the Criminals but he was not aware of their personal details or their whereabouts. In the jungle of faces, how to recognize two particular faces whose photographs or details are also not known. Dog Ramu also do not have the tongue to express that Jhonny wears a particular Chain and Madhav owns a horse with a letter "S" embossed on its back. Moreover Jhonny is protected by his father who is very friendly to Babu, and the most dangerous Madhav is surrounded by a large group of musclemen and notorious killers.

But after all it is Rajnikant the Action King, and when he comes out to take revenge,

the terror begins.......................

(From the official press booklet)


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