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Zakham (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

ZAKHAM...  the story which looks like truth, about young innocence, destroyed by an evil father Durjan. And about the young innocence nurtured by a self-sacrificing responsible father Arjun, who has given the best to his child Munna who has lost his voice, when he saw his mother Asha getting killed by gangsters. ZAKHAM is about Vijay Panja who after being neglected by his father and burning his own mother's funeral pyre has become ruthless and mean. But love softens him and he finds new meaning to his life in the arms of Aarti with whom at first he had a clash.

But this happiness was short lived and Vijay discovered his tyrant father, who has now turned into a millionaire. On the other hand Arjun is searching for his wife's killer and stumbles upon Vijay and clashes. The clashes grow until Aarti discovers that Arjun was her sister Asha's husband and it is revealed to Durjan who immediately transpires to get Vijay and Arjun to clash till death so that he himself, being Asha's killer and a tyrant father can go scot free. 

What happens when they clash? How does Vijay avenge his father? 

We bring about a sharp contrast between fathers who care for their children and fathers who don't. The moral being "if you can't bring up your children well, you have no right to produce them."

(From the official press booklet)