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Zalzala (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

The world is made of all sorts of people... good and bad, law-abiding and law-breakers, honest and dishonest, dutiful and unemotional. There are persons who enjoy life by indulging in unsocial deeds but here exists a section which holds on to its Ideals even at the risk of its life.

Shiv (Dharmendra) was an honest police officer who lived his life strictly by the law of the land. Sona Singh (Danny) was a greedy criminal who led his life as a gangster, creating an unprecedented terror in the area. One day, Sona Singh was arrested... and thus began a series of deadly encounters between his gang and the police.

Sona Singh killed Shiv's wife (Rati Agnihotri) and Shiv set out to trace the killers.

Even Shankar (Shatrughan Sinha) was on the lookout for someone who was responsible for the mysterious disappearance of his sister. He soon realised that he and Shiv both were searching for the same "enemy''.  Bhole (Rajeev Kapoor) who was a wanderer, also joined them. There were some girls who loved them... one (Anita Raaj) loved Shiv, the other (Vijayeta Pandit) loved Bhole... while (Kimi Katkar) loved Shankar and gold both.

This led to a long-drawn battle between good and evil. Sona Singh became more revengeful and ferocious when he came to know that Shiv and his associates were in possession of a map, leading to the location of an ancient temple of gold.

And Sona Singh then took into custody all men and women associated with Shiv, at the point of the guns.

They did reach the temple of gold... and then began the wrath of God, destroying the evil for good.

(From the official press booklet)