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Zordaar (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

Devil, Jackal and Fox that is Mr D.K., Mr F.K. and Mr J.K, are agents for the foreign powers entrusted with the responsibility of destroying our beloved Motherland.

The sons of the Motherland one in the village is Shiva and one in the city is Ravi, both are strong young men who fight for the weak and protect their countrymen from destructive forces .

Shiva and his family are killed in the village by the Devils. Ravi's Father is also killed in this carnage, Ravi comes to know that Shiva's family is responsible for his father's death, but he cannot do anything as he believes them to be dead.

Then all Hell breaks loose. Shiva's photo is published in the Newspapers. He has come from the dead to kill his enemies but before he can reach his enemies he has to reckon with Ravi, who thinks him to be a killer.

Will Shiva overpower Ravib ? 

Can Ravi discover the identity of Shiva who is disguised ? 

Will Devil, Jackal and Fox succeed is their mission of destruction ? 

For all these answers see 'Zordaar '.

(From the official press booklet)