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  • Real Name: Narayana Swamy
  • Born: 28/12/1943 (Mysore)
  • Primary Cinema: Kannada
  • First film: Lagna Pathrike (1967)
  • Parents: Ramaswamy Shastri, Lalita
  • Spouse: Geetha
  • Children: Rohit , Amulya

Popularly known by his screen nickname Pranaya Raja or the Kind of Romance, Srinath was born as Narayana Swamy on 28 December 1943 in Mysore. He was introduced to the Kannada film industry by the renowned director S.K.A. Chari.

An amateur theatre artist, who also dabbled in cinematography as a hobby, Narayana Swamy saw himself christened Srinath following his casting in the film Madhura Milana (1969) by S.K.A. Chari, while he had already played a marginal role earlier in Lagna Pathrike (1967). His career took off after he was featured in the director Puttana Kanagal’s 1975 release Shubamangala, and he went on to star in 65 films in close succession. The film Anireekshita (1970), directed and produced by Nagesh Babu, also featured Srinath in a career-defining role that established his potential as a popular hero. Among the numerous films he starred in—over 350 in number—his major films include Besuge (1976) and Maanasa Sarovara (1982), in which he starred with Manjula. Srinath and Manjula became a much liked romantic duo, still remembered as one of the best romantic pairs onscreen. 

As Vice President of Udaya TV, a Kannada language channel, Srinath presently hosts the game show Adarsha Dampatigalu (The Ideal Couple). He is also one of the regulars in a Kannada television serial titled Jagala Gantiyaru, is directed by Phani Ramachandra.