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Bindu | Cinemaazi Studio | Gautam Chintamani

04 Oct, 2020 | Cinemaazi Studio with Gautam Chintamani
A supremely talented actress, Bindu lit up the screen in countless Hindi films. Making her debut in Anpadh (1962), she went on to give memorable performances in films like Ittefaq (1969), Do Raaste (1969), Kati Patang (1970), Dastaan (1972), Abhimaan (1973), Zanjeer (1973), Arjun Pandit (1976) and many more. Despite often playing the vamp, Bindu could avoid being typecast by playing a wide range of characters in her films. Take a look at the journey of this remarkable actress with Gautam Chintamani at Cinemaazi Studio.
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