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Cinemaazi Studio | 100 Years of Pran | Gautam Chintamani

12 Jul, 2020 | Cinemaazi Studio with Gautam Chintamani
You have to be a special kind of villain for parents to be afraid to name their children after you! And yet Pran was so much more than just a villain. Raja Ugra Narayan of Madhumati, Malang Chacha from Upkar, or Sher Khan from Zanjeer, these characters will be #foreverPran for us. From his beginnings in Punjabi cinema, to becoming one of the most cerebral villains of all time, and then reinventing himself like never before, Pran has had quite a journey in films. His spectacular costumes, iconic dialogue delivery and the ability to shift effortlessly from villainy to comedy to tragedy has put him on par with the biggest superstars. Cinemaazi celebrates 100 years of this gifted actor as Gautam Chintamani gives you an in-depth look at what set Pran apart from all of his peers.
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