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Captain Kirtikumar (1937)

  • Release Date1937
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

The last order was given and; officers and privates fell down and Captain Kirtikumar in his usual marry making mood which always followed the strict discipline on the parade ground marched off towards his barrack room of course, followed by his mischief mongers fellow officers.

Gay, dashing daring, Captain Kirtikumar was loved and respected as much by his seniors and juniors.To him life was all happiness, laugh, adventure. He was young. He was charming. He was a bachelor. And hardly there was a Rajput maiden in Suryapur who would hesitate to give up herself to the irresistible youth.

No sooner he reached his room he received urgent order from Her Highness Mayadevi, the princess, to start immediately to Padampur to capture the most dreaded bandit Madhu Solanki. Madhu, one of the most loyal Rajputs to the throne of Suryapur, once a major in the state army of his Highness Dharmendrasingji and a great favourite to Governor Narendra was hunted for months by the state police under the guidance of Narendra.

Narendra, the most update, cultured member of the Royal family and unavoidable passion and weakness for women. In one of his barbaric statements he killed the wife of Madhu and to escape scandals announced Madhu as the murderer of his own wife and put him in chains. Madhu broke open the jail and began to harass Narendra whose disguised tyranny ran terror in the hearts of all state subjects. Narendra tried his utmost, but failed to kill the whirl-wind like Madhu. Madhu's approach was dreaded by all people, particularly Narendra and his inseparable helpmate, the Lieutenant. But Madh's name was dear to the rich and the poor alike. His generosity and bravery were sung in the ballads. And the gay captain was sent to capture this bandit.

Narendra's anger and jealousy knew no bounds when he heard of Kirti's appointment to take over from him he charged of capturing the bandit. Contempt and enmity surged up in his mind even before the arrival of the Captain. He became his sworn enemy and the mean Lieutenant made him to feel it.

With mad congratulations and good wishes from the fellow officers Captain Kirtikumar the capital determined to round up the bandit and his desperate followers.


On the way he met a very charming girl in a very funny situation. He was at once attracted by the alluring, commanding looks of her. Both were strangers to each other but both were young and that was enough for the introduction. Though she frowned at him her heart palpitated with the unusual sensations. An when Kirti tried to be angry at her his heart convinced him he was already in love.

She was Iladevi the only sister of Governor Narendra. A pleasant evening drive had brought her far away from her place.

..........One hour after the meeting of Kirti and Ila, Ila made the Captain stand before Narendra as a prisoner. She has mistaken him for Madhu and when Narendra introduced the Captain to Ila she blushed with shame.

Her anger dissolved into dawning love.......Kirti did not take much time to round up Madhu and his notorious band.

Before surrendering, Madhu obtained a promise from Kirti to have an audience with the Maharaja.

The Maharaja being very sick and confined to bed his only daughter Mayadevi who was at the head of the administration warmly congratulated the Captain. Madhu was brought before the princess. He was charged with several murders and sentenced to death. Even the promised audience was denied. Kirti was shocked to hear it. He had to keep up his promise and he decided to fulfill it under any difficulty.

When the court dispersed, the princess with a twinkle in her eyes approached Kirti and murmured in his ears to come to her private chamber......

That evening Kirti saw the princess. He was simply amazed to learn that Mayadevi was in love with him and was prepared to marry him. This was impossible as his heart was already in possession of Iladevi. With quick presence of mind he very shrewdly avoided the situation and left the chamber with permission for Madhu to see the sick king.

Next day Madhu wa brought before the King. Narendra was present. Madhu in a stirring speech related atrocities and unbelievable cruelties of Narendra. But before he could finish his last sentence two rapid shots from uncertain place were heard and in a second Maharaja and Madhu rolled on ground ........dead.

And before all could recover from this sudden shock Governor Narendra ordered to put in chains Captain Kirtikumar for murdering the king.

Captain Kirtikumar, one of the most loyal servants to the throne, most loveable, most harmless young man in whole army of Suryapur was thrown into prison-was tried-was sentenced to death. Kirtikumar's sentence wa a great relief to Govrnor Narendra and his helpmate the lieutenant. To Narendra the throne of Suryapur was within an arms length as he had secured the favours of Mayadevi. While the lieutenant almost believed himself husband of Ila and Governor of a very big
province as both were promised to him by Narendra.

But restless was the Captain. His very soul rebelled against wretched administration of the state and carelessness of the authorities. He eagerly wanted to prove himself innocent in the eyes of his own people who loved and admired him. The charge of murder, insults, harangues, contempts coming from all directions drove him to strong determination of finding out the real murderer.

And Kirti escaped-from the jail-fooling Narendra and his guards. They chased him but to no purpose. They saw with their own eyes his car tumbling down in a very deep valley. Madhu was dead and so also was Kirti. But as if from the ashes of these two persons there arose a new menace-a new bandit-stronger than Madhu, cleverer than Kirti.

In a very short time Narendra was thoroughly upset. It was clear, the new bandit was after him. Day after day, month after month, Narendra was beaten on his own grounds. All his projects failed. All his manoeuvres were destroyed. The constant harass told upon his nerves. He could not live at ease.

And then followed a series of incidents... adventures dreadful actions terminating in....... well, we do not end the sentence........we request you to see and judge them yourself.

[from the official press booklet]