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Carnival Queen (1955)

  • GenreThriller, Action
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3295.49 meters
  • Number of Reels11
  • Censor Certificate Number13272
  • Certificate Date20/05/1955

Asha is acclaimed as “Queen of the Great Jewel Carnival” as she proves to be a champion Gunner. Her father Prakash Babu is the owner of the Carnival but he is heavily indebted to Prashad who seeks every opportunity to run down his show business and thereby to single out the Carnival for himself, hence he starts creating a series of troubles for Prakash Babu.


But Asha his daughter overcomes all his anxiety by engaging Ashok a daredevil guy, as a motorbike rider in the well of death show. This proves a great success for Asha and Ashok and also a Box office hit for The Great Jewel Carnival.


On the other hand Prashad is scheming a nasty plan for Ashok as the success of the show business for Prakash Babu starts pricking in his eyes. The mischief begins by tampering with motor cycle machine before Ashok’s show-ride in the well of death. This has eventually been revealed to Ashok by Shanti, the dancing damsel of the Carnival, as she is deeply in love with Ashok.


By saving him, Shanti invites trouble on herself. She becomes a target of Prashad’s revolver. Before she breathes her last, Shanti declares on a piece of paper that Prashad is the killer.


This chit which decides the fate of Prashad has been concealed by him in a cigarette case thereby he heaves a sigh of relief before police party enters the door. Ashok in the meantime happens to be there has been pointed out by Prashad as the killer of Shanti, but Shyam, a clown and the friend of Ashok, finds the blessed chit in the cigarette case as per his usual practice of knocking out anything he finds from Prashad’s pocket. This chit does not escape police inspector vigilance and soon Prashad is about to be hand-cuffed, but he manages to skip from police hand. Asha like a lioness paws on him. A long chase ensues till a terrific blow of Asha decides the fate of Prashad who ultimately surrenders to police.


The Great Jewel Carnival continues to be as popular as ever before and the curtain falls with the happy union of Asha and Ashok.


(From the official press booklet)